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Empower and Engage Your Team
AgencyToolChest is more than just a management tool. Dive in and discover its multifaceted capabilities:

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Invitation and Roles

Start by inviting your team members. Whether they're senior managers or new recruits, assign roles that fit their responsibilities. Everyone has a unique place in your organization, and our platform reflects that.

Collaborative Framework

Foster a culture of open communication and teamwork. Our platform is tailored to make team interactions intuitive, ensuring that every member is heard and can contribute effectively.

Performance Tracking

Keep tabs on individual and team progress. From sales figures to client interactions, every metric is logged and visualized for easy interpretation.

Coaching and Guidance

Identify areas where team members can improve and provide the necessary training or coaching. With our tools, you can guide your team to better performance day by day.

Motivation and Rewards

Leverage gamification features to spur competition and motivation. Recognize top performers and incentivize excellence within your organization.

Clear KPIs

Set clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every role. With transparent targets, every team member knows what's expected of them and can align their efforts accordingly.

Manage with Insight

Get a holistic view of your team's operations. Use insights to strategize, make informed decisions, and lead your team to success.

With AgencyToolChest, you have the resources to lead, motivate, and evolve your team towards unparalleled success. Harness the full spectrum of our features and see the difference it makes.

Quick Guide

Tell us who you are and read how to start.

1. Getting Started

Before you can use this extension, ensure that you've been invited by an organization owner.

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2. Pin the Extension Icon

Once you pin the icon to your browser, you’ll be able to see Agency Toolchest shortcut all the time and have easy access to your notifications and chat.

3. Open the Extension and turn on the Toolbar

Within the extension, find and toggle the switch to turn on the Toolbar.

4. Get to know your toolbar

Explore the Toolbar's features and understand its functionalities.

5. Add a household and put your quotes and sales

Explore the Toolbar's features and understand its functionalities.

6. Follow your results in the dashboard & talk with your colleagues in the extension chat!

Track your performance and commissions and stay motivated by viewing all your metrics in the dashboard report.

7. Tips

Always remember to have the newest version of Chrome and the Agency Toolchest Extension.

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Coach your staff better. Boost your income.

When we assist you motivate your staff to perform at their highest levels, you can expect to see improved results and rise to the top of your industry.

Gamification is a great way to motivate and inspire your employees to do better.

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